Saturday, August 29, 2015

USA, USA, We'e #1

Yep, we're tops in the number of guns.  We're also tops in using those guns.  All the way with the NRA, they keep gun control at bay and pave the way for ever increasing sales of guns and ammo.
I wonder if gun nuts ever feel like they been had and are really just used to make others rich?

US had 31% of world's public mass shootings during 1966-2012: Study

It's time to legalize all the drugs

If a person wants to use heroin, cocaine, crack,  or any of the nation's controlled substances, we should let them.  If they wish to kill themselves with drugs we should permit them to go their way.  At least then the wreckage our drug use would be a domestic problem internal to the USA and not involve any other nations or their peoples.  Legalize it.  Make it cheap and abundant.  Then let see what happens.

Young Hands in Mexico Feed Growing U.S. Demand for Heroin

Have you ever wondered how many people would off themselves if suicide was legal and death was cheap, painless and entailed no post mortem expense?

Aw Gee, You Thought It's A Democratic Party!

The movers and shakers in the DNC have made their pacts with Hillary Clinton.  She is anointed or at least the one blessed by mainstream Dems.  They will profit most if she makes it all the way.  So, let their be no competition.  Sorry guys the DNC will only give you free wedgies, no debate about that.

Democratic challengers launch attacks against Clinton, party leadership

Friday, August 28, 2015

Worth the read

Why you shouldn’t retweet Sanders’s claim that Hitler ‘won an election’

Which of our various candidates would, given the chance, do you see behaving in the same manner as Adolf  Hitler did to take power?  Any?  All?

Bad Science

This piece is about Psych., but you can bet most other fields are as dishonest, flawed and full of fakery.  Why?

Many scientific studies can’t be replicated. That’s a problem.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Not sure what this says about us...

One in 7 people on the entire planet logged onto Facebook Monday

Football 2015

I drove past a High School today.  Their marquee noted the first game is Sept. 4th.  School begins on the 8th.  Gee, the jocks get a jump start on concussions.  Will you watch football this Fall?  Why?  If you watch football then I think you'd be one who would have reveled in the Roman games (at their worst) and then as now disregard the human damage done.  After all they play for your amusement.

Killings on the air

After the killings of the Va. TV reporter and cameraman, I bet that folks in the gun lobby (NRA) and gun industry were tickled pink.  Once again they well reported gun violence to use to increase sales of guns and ammo.  If only the dead have been packing.  Oh, lord, the government may try to take your guns so buy, buy, buy.  Sadly the gun nuts might actually think it's about the Second Amendment.  It's not and has never been.  No, it's been about one thing--sales of guns and ammo.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

New Blog

I have a new blog about one topic--a boat

The Boat


Who loves the Trump?

Men and women, about equaly.
H.S. or less education.
Household income under $50,000
Bothered by today's and tomorrow's demographics--whites down, non-whites up.
Bothered that the Prez of the USA is black and worse elected twice.
Feel increasingly left out of today's business/economic order.
Think our social diversity, as well reflected in popular culture, sucks.
Yep, life today blows chunks.

Add them up and you have folks who buy Trump and his America is not great mantra.  I'm still trying to find out the last time America was really great.  Hell, Trump for all his stream of Bullshitness, stumbled when asked.  He didn't have a pat answer ready to spiel.  He did a mini-homina, homina and said it was when Reagan was Prez. but it was just the feeling back then, not the actual times or events that really did suck when Bonzo and his wife's astrologer ruled the nation.  Trump is pure Bullshit!  Who buys his crap?  Well you now know their traits.  Are there enough of them to make him the nominee?

Nah, most of them probably don't vote in primaries, but this is an odd year so maybe, maybe.  

Been Away For A Bit

I've been away for a time, but now I'm back.

Here's a question about Donald Trump.  Is he a vulgarian?