Saturday, September 5, 2015

Food That Kills: Update

This time it's cucumbers.  Yep, cukes.  We can't even get the simple stuff right which makes me wonder about stuff like drone wars, anthrax, nukes and other more complex matters.

Cucumbers recalled after salmonella outbreak in 27 states

I've wondered where they come from

For a a long time I have wondered where crackers come from?  There are so many of them.  Are all of their parents just mean and rotten?  Do they all fall out of trees and land on their heads, like a bizarre right of passage.  There are too many of them to chalk up to nurture and ditto for nature unless evloutionary forces are bifurcating our species into us and the crackers.  I doubt that evolution works quite that way.  I have been puzzled.  Then I saw a headline that explained it all--

Cracker plant in Ohio could create thousands of jobs in Ohio

They are made in factories.  Human kids go in, they get processed, and come out fully baked crackers ready to grow, flourish, and develop into full blown members of the GOP.

Ratings for Tuesday Night?

I wonder how big of an audience Stephen Colbert will garner when he opens his new late night show on Tuesday night?  Will anyone tune in to Larry Wilmore at 11:30pm on Comedy Central?

Play a substitution game

This bullshit about god, gays, and religious freedom is bullshit.  Instead of gays, substitute blacks.  Yeah, I can't issue a marriage license to anyone who is black since they bear the mark of Cain.  Therefore they cannot, per god,  be allowed to marry.  Sorry no license.  Now substitute any other status or human attribute you like.  Does the logic feel right?  Does any of this make sense?   If you think Davis is right, then let's use god, and a very human social organization called religion,  to justify a return to separate but equal or hell why not, slavery.

This is bigotry and hate hiding behind a mask of religion.  Once again religion is trying to put us back in the swamp of human misery.

Legally, ‘God’s authority’ is a tough issue

It's a slow, endless leak

Did you ever have a pipe that leaked?  Then you "fix" it. It quits leaking.  However you didn't quite fix it.  It starts to leak again.  You fix it again.  It quits.  It resumes.  You fix.  It goes away.  It returns.  That's what happens when you don't call a plumber and have it repaired right.  Why leaks and plumbers?  Well, it's Hillary Clinton and her e-mail brouhaha.  After Andrea Mitchell's interview yesterday, I thought this time it might, for all practical purposes, be over and not remain a potential landmine in her run for the lease on Air Force One.  Then I opened the on-lineWaPo this morning and there was another leak that will have to be fixed...

Clintons personally paid State Department staffer to maintain server

Given the Clinton's drift into a Nixonian perspective on privacy, I wonder what kind of plumber they might have hired to take care of the e-mail problem?

Friday, September 4, 2015

Good News

Obama Gains Leverage on Saudis as U.S. Oil Dependence Declines

I wish some enterprising soul could find a replacement for all oil.

Do We Have One of These?

How I crushed my eight-year-old’s innocence at Dismaland

I'm Glad Kentucky Is Someone Else's Home

The Jesus jockette's behavior, she's the one who would not issue marriage licenses in Kentucky reminds me of a couple of books good for late Summer reading--

"Deer Hunting With Jesus" by Joe Bageant
"Better Off Without 'Em:..." by Chuck Thompson

Donald Gives Me That Old 9-9-9 Feeling

Why do Repub voters like dolts?  In this age replete with terrorists of all stripes, I cannot imagine a leader wannabe that cannot answer basic questions about the Middle East.  Trump may have mastered the art of bankruptcy for profit, but that's about all he knows.  Why would anyone want someone like Trump in the White House?  Think about it, the answer is a tad disconcerting.

Donald Trump Stumbles and Bristles During Foreign Policy Interview

I'm not sure about Mr. Hewitt.  Hamas is not an arm of  Iran.  Iran has provided funds to them in the past, but Iran quit funding them when Hamas decided to go after Assad's regime in Syria.  Hamas long term main squeeze is the biggest funder of terrorism, Saudi Arabia.  Hamas is Sunni.  Iran is Shia.  Assad is Alawite.  Alawites are a sect of Shia Islam.  

Thursday, September 3, 2015


I read a piece about mini drones.  That got me to thinking about swarms of drones which brought to mind a flight of kamikaze drones.  I doubted they exist so I decided to Google kamikaze drones.  Well, guess what, they exist and have for a few years.  We have them and the Israelis do to.

Israel's new kamikaze drone

America's Kamikaze Drone Makes the Skies Way Less Friendly

I'm waiting for a small, cheap, deadly drone that can be launched and targeted en masse against an enemy.  If needs to deliver two payloads.  First will be a small bullet bomb made with depleted uranium.  Second will be the drones self destructive explosive--runs out of gas, hits the ground and goes boom.  Imagine 10s of 1000s of these being launched in waves.  Gee, a WWI re-run here?

And In The Crackerdom....

Tennessee judge denies straight couple divorce, citing gay marriage ruling

Here's a story made for CNN, FOX, and MSNBC

They can cover it endlessly.  They can fill airtime with "experts."  They can produce the coverage very cheaply.  Wolf and his fellow news readers can even act concerned.  Who needs news when

There's A Cobra on the Loose in Florida

Gee, it might affect the 2016 Florida primary.  What does the Donald think about Cobras?  Did Hillary secretly import Cobras?

USA Keeps Odd Company

What does the USA have in common with Libya, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine and Yemen? Uh, we haven't signed the cluster bomb ban agreement. 117other nations have. We use, but of course do not document the maiming we cause to civilians. Oops, we don't even call them civilians, they're collaterals, or wastage, or mushrooms or any other term that does not unequivocally say we killed non-combatant people with our unexploded bombs.

Banned Cluster Bombs Were Used in Five Countries, Report Says

Interesting Population Maps

We cram ourselves together.  Is used to be 90% of us live on 10% of the land.  I doubt that it's changed.  The maps suggest if may even be more of us on less of the land.

How so many of the world’s people live in so little of its space

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

There's a better way

Clinton wants to spend money on the drug problem,  $10 billion.  It's more of the same old bullshit.  Add some education.  Add a slosh of mental health.  Add a bit of detox.  And put noxolene in EMT kits.   We've spent way more than billions doing this kind of ineffective stuff.  It has not worked.   Clinton is just one more pol from the past whose solutions do not work but do make the rich richer.

Perhaps we should listen to Bernie Sanders--shake of the economy, hit the Billionaires hard, and make a lot more new jobs instead of maximizing shareholder value.  I have a feeling if there were more decent jobs with decent futures for all, then the drug war would end itself.

Here's the Clinton pitch--

Hillary Clinton Proposes $10 Billion Plan to Combat Drug Epidemic

I wonder if Clinton has ever wondered how many of the serious drug users would prefer to end their lives instead of staying alive to do more dope?

Show me the mechanism

Electromagetic radiation does not do anything to you.  No cancer.  No insanity.  No mutated babies.  However, we have a number of people who are sure their shitty lives are not their own fault so it must be something out there.  And what's out there?  Yep, this time it's Wi-Fi.  Horseshit.

Are ‘WiFi allergies’ a real thing? A quick guide to electromagnetic hypersensitivity

I've never seen a court that has a problem with bad science or not been able to reject science for a point of law.  Galileo comes to mind for some reason.

GMOs Scare The Shit Out of You?

If they do, then I suggest you are a victim of non-science, false advertising, and corporate profiteering who prefers to live in a fact free world.

Per our science--that's knowledge gained through the practice of science--GMOs are not a threat to any of us.  However, if you're willing to pay more for non-GMO food, I'll be glad to sell it to you.

Here's piece on GMOs, and follow the links for more info.

Why ‘GMO-free’ is a marketing ploy you shouldn’t fall for

Way too much influence

Catholicism oozes thorough American culture.  I was raised one, became educated and left that mental illness behind me.  However, some of the childhood crap (insanity) remains.   One can't be rid of it all.  I find it odd that a group, Catholics, who were pretty well despised, if not hated, in big swaths of the nation for a couple hundred years, now seem to behave in the same ways as their former Catholic bashers in the past.  The Supremes have six too many Catholics, especially Scalia, Alito, Thomas and Roberts.  Imagine the world they'd create if they were kings.  Scary, no.  How pervasive is Catholic ideology?  Well--

Vast majority of U.S. Catholics who left the church can’t imagine returning, study says

I'd prefer to nine Nones on the Court.  How about you?

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Will Everyone Have a Backup Power System Soon?

Maybe.  Batteries are getting better and better.  I don't know when a solar/battery system will be able to replace a 20Kw generator at lower cost, but maybe in my lifetime (assume 30 years remain).

How a new battery revolution will change your life

Donal Trump Loses Another Non-White Voting Bloc

The guy relies more and more on the white guy and spouse vote.  Now he's lost the Alaskan native voting bloc.

Donald Trump: I'll Change Denali Back to Mount McKinley

Good News for The NRA

Murder is up!  The only defense is to pack a pistol at all times.  Buy guns! Buy ammo!  Be prepared.  I bet that will be the NRA's spiel in the coming months as:

Murder Rates Rising Sharply in Many U.S. Cities

Misogyny Front: Pope Frank

Attention Catholic women, if you've had a abortion and are feeling damned, then per Pope Frank, if you are contrite and can find the right priest, the Church may forgive you.  However you will have to act within the next 12 months since after that it's back to basics--excommunication and all that rot.  

I do not understand why women belong to any Christian, Jewish or Islamic religion.  Do you?

Pope Francis to expand priests’ ability to forgive women who have had abortions and are ‘contrite,’ Vatican says

Book Reviews

Here a  couple of good books

'Kissinger's Shadow' accuses the controversial statesman of militarizing US foreign policy

Death in Florence: The Medici, Savonorola, and the Battle for the Soul of a Renaissance City

Monday, August 31, 2015

Let's Send The Donald To the EU!

The Donald is a builder.  Don't you wish his name was Bob?  He's a manager too.  Europe needs him.  He'd build them a wall and prove himself.  If he can do it in the EU, then he can do it in the USA.  Let's dump our Trump on the EU!  Of course if he fails he can stay over there.

Unprecedented migrant crisis forces EU to seek answers

Ya Gotta Love Religion

Bless my Savonarola, Sunni Muslims destroy shit too!  Don't forget, before one gets on a godly high-rise, religion is just one more form of social organization that serves the ends of it's very human members.

Temple of Baal in Palmyra Is Damaged by ISIS

Democrats Love The Donald

I hope he stays the distance and irreparably does in the GOP as he implodes by being routed by any Democrat in Nov. 2016.  A GOP free world, now that puts a smile on one's face.

Go Donald--Trump upends GOP message on economy


It's good to know things are reliable.  Unfortunately when it's the VA that's reliable that's not good at all.  I doubt if the VA has ever had a good year in its entire existence.  After all, who really cares about used up and broken enlisted cannon fodder.

Medical errors are up at VA hospitals, but they’re actually doing less to figure out why

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Asshole Front: The Gov. of New Jersey

Years ago a Rep. in the Utah Legislature, I think it was Jack Bangeter, suggested that Utahns deal with the AIDS epidemic by dyeing everyone who had HIV/AIDS birth red and then send them to permanently live on Antelope Island (it's in the middle of the Great Salt Lake).  Then if you saw someone who had bright red skin, you could call the cops and have them sent them back to the Island.  Okay, who gets the Jack Bangeter award for moronic solutions to scoio-politcal problems this week?

Yep it's the fat man from Jersey, Chris Christie.  I wonder what kind of tracking chip he'll put in all those immigrants anyway?  I assume he'd chip every immigrant of any kind from anywhere in the world.  Yep, he gets the award and deserves the accolade of Asshole.  I bet he said this to get noticed despite rampant Trump coverage.

In New Hampshire, Christie Says He Would Track Immigrants Like FedEx Packages

I wonder what the cost would be?  How large of a tracking force would we have to hire?   What Department would get the new Immigrant Tracking Office?  Today immigrants, tomorrow everybody?

American Hustle

Hmm, the approach to cholesterol over the past decades did do one thing.  It sold lots of drugs.  Now that that is  in question, what have we found today?  Why we've discovered loads and loads of statin users who complain.  Wow, and what is the answer?  Why it's a new more expensive drug to do something that may be based on shitty science in the first place.  Hustle on. Hustle on.

New Alternatives to Statins Add to a Quandary on Cholesterol

What's With All the Guns?

The NRA and other gun groups must pump lots of cash into primaries.  Otherwise, how can we explain the lack of legislation to control guns?  I guess we need a better class of whores in Congress.

How Americans actually feel about stronger gun laws

Odd week

Trump continues to gain ground in the polls, as does Ben Carson.  Who are the losers?  Well, it's the professional pols.  Why would people opt for a professional consistent liar when they can pick a novice who might, on occasion, between lies tell the truth.  How about a Trump (even if he's a RINO) /Carson GOP ticket in 2016?  Creepy, but possible.

On the Dem side, Sanders goes up as Clinton goes down.  Sanders in three months is within 7 points of Clinton in Iowa.  Clinton continues to do her best to be seen as dishonest and untrustworthy by increasing numbers of potential voters.  E-mail and trying to secure super delegates do not help her candidacy at all.  Sanders just continues with his progressive domestic focus and it resonates with Dems in manner akin to Trump's appeal to Trogs.  Do we want people who actually answer the  question asked of them?  Maybe, maybe.

Oh, Biden is being chatted up, again.  I doubt he'll run as a serious candidate.  He may run, but only  to be a foil for Clinton.  She could use him to distract folks from her own deficits.

On the Dem side, how about Sanders/Warren (even if she was a Trog not too long ago)  for the Dems in 2016.

It's early and let us remember 60% Fred Thompson was the front runner not too far back.  

Oh, here's a fantasy.  Imagine, given Trump and Sanders, that all the rest of the candidates decided to be a tad more direct and honest.  Imagine if they quit thinking about polls and sugar daddies would they gain ground against Trump and Clinton?  It might become a lot more interesting.