Saturday, September 12, 2015

Feel the Bern?

If you do, have you donated to his campaign.  If you favor Mr. Sanders, then go to ActBlue.Com and donate.   Give him a few bucks every few weeks or when you can.  Mr. Sanders can be the Democratic nominee if we fund him and vote for him.

Here's a long piece on Bernie and the Dems.

The outsider: how Bernie Sanders is winning over Democratic voters

We've come a long way for Catholics. The Pope is on the way, but..

I am sure the folks I knew, as a kid visiting the South, still harbor a quiet but strong belief that Catholics are soldiers of the anti-Christ, have tails and will rise up to take over the world for the Pope.   I guess Catholics were the second "New World Order" group.  The first were the Jews.  Protestants in the U.S. were a nasty lot.  Think not?

America's dark and not-very-distant history of hating Catholics

A few points:

Oh, George H.W. Bush is the progenitor of the third New World Order bugaboo of fear.

Do you still think this nation was founded on religious freedom?

Catholics have been as savage as non-Catholics, just in other times and places.

Religion is just another way of people to gain power, fame and fortune.  It has little to do with theology or metaphysics.  

Let's Get Cracking!

I've never wondered about this, but now that you mention it, is there enough fossil fuel on Earth to entirely melt Antarctica?

Well, the answer is YES!

Bye Bye Smart Rick

Smart Rick (Perry with glasses) has now gone the way of the dodo Rick (Perry sans glasses).  He's no longer running for the lease on Air Farce One.  As he goes, most bobbleheads on TV news and in print remember his Oops moment last cycle.  For the most part they say Perry's 2012 campaign ended when he had a brain freeze, forgot one of the federal departments he wanted to deep-six and said, "oops."

That sounds good, but I and a few others think his campaign was doomed when he had a nice word to say about dreamers.  He said folks, who want to deny in-state tuition to children who had spent most, if not all their lives, in the Texas, but were children of non-document immigrants,  were heartless.  They had no heart.  Well, his assessment was spot on.  They have no heart and therefore they rejected him.  That was his real oops.

This time around, Rick was doomed by Trogs with memories and a change in the GOP electorate.  Voters now desire reject government experience.  That experience is seen as how and why we've gotten to wherever we are.  Uh, I guess that's why they want to make America great agin.  I do not understand Trog.  In 2015, GOP voters prefer their loons to appear unscripted truth babblers as they trash talk their way to the convention.

Gee, all it takes is re-training?

Uh, I don't think so.  A cop who happens to be a thug cannot have the thuggery trained out of him. NYC's and other burgs police problems stem from whom they hire, their policies and their procedures.  All too frequently they wind up with too many otherwise unemployable punks.  They give them a badge and then have to pay out settlement costs for false arrests as they invoke one more round of re-training.

NYC's police, as one example,  are exactly what the NYC voters want; they voted for it by electing the assorted officials who make all the appointments and establish the rules.  If anyone doesn't like the current operation, then I ask what's your voting record over the past 20-30 years?  Don't forget, it you don't vote, you do not matter, you have to endure voter preferences.

NYPD releases video of James Blake being tackled by officer, who had checkered past on the job

Friday, September 11, 2015


After reading this piece by Timothy Snyder  I think I will have to read his book, "Black Earth."

Timothy Snyder is the Housum Professor of History at Yale. 
His essay in the September 24, 2015 issue is drawn from his new book, Black Earth: The ­Holocaust as History and Warning, published in September 2015 by Tim Duggan Books, an imprint of Random House.

Here's the piece from NYRB--Hitler's World

Trump Shit

Trump  Trump book reviewed by Michael Tomasky

How Trump Invented Trump  A Businessweek cover article

Why Donald Trump Is Winning

Improbable, but...

Ready for $1.25 gas?  Well maybe or even lower if--

Oil could plunge to $20, Goldman Sachs says

With oil low, gas going down, unemployment down, jobs up and the econ doing pretty good, how about this Xmas?  Will it be the best since 2008?  Will it be the big one that says the 2008 Recession is finally over or do we have to wait a few more years.  I think it will be very good, but the huge one will have to wait a few more years--say 2018.

In case you've forgotten about Michigan's legislative odd couple...

Michigan Lawmaker Expelled, and Another Quits, Over Bid to Hide Affair

One Retread Down

Looks like Joe will be a no-go in the Air Force One sweeps--Joe Biden, in Colbert Interview, Expresses Doubts About Bid for President.  So, that leaves two more over the hill losers to back up the Dem establishment hopes for 2016 if Clinton pulls a 2008 and begins to lose it all over again.  Al Gore and John Kerry here we come?  That really sucks.  Even Elizabeth Warren, compared to Bernie Sanders becomes a Clinton clone.  The Dems better get ready to feel the Bern.  After all he is trustworthy and doesn't lie.

Missionaries, why?

I've never been partial to loons who decide they have to go forth and forcibly cram their fantasies down other's throats.  Christian missionaries have probably done far more damage than good.   Now Pope Frank is going to saintify one of them.  In this case I definitely am on the side of the Indians--bag the saint thing, he did more harm than good.  

Pope to declare Spanish priest a saint, but Native Americans beg to differ

Now That You Mention It...

Do You Draw A Blank When Asked What Clinton Has Actually Accomplished Since 1992?

Apparently lots of voters to.  Now that you mention it, about all I associate her with is screwing the pooch on national health care, casting some votes in the Senate, and flying around the world a lot.  What did she do?  Well, I'm not sure.  

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Say what?

If I bought a Keurig 2.0, I would not be able to make my own coffee pods, but can I do soup?  Well, probably so, but I'll stay with my 1.0 machine and open a can of soup and nuke it.

Move Over, Coffee: You Can Now Brew Campbell’s Soup in Your Keurig

The Donald Rising

The Donald continues to lead the polls.  He's getting a bigger and bigger share.  The big donor owned and operated candidates like Bush, Rubio, Christie, Walker, and Kasich have to be really pissed off.  Of course they could flip off their billionaire owners and try to run as themselves.  Without the fat cats, how many of the Trogs do you think we'd still see int he race?

Trump tops CNN poll with 32 percent of GOP support, Carson second with 19 percent

Deja Vu, Again

If it's a tax plan from a Trog, then it's more of the same old horseshit they've been shoveling ever since Bonzo was in the White House.  It's not Voodoo econ, it's a big stinking pile of corn laced plop econ.

Jeb Bush and the Return of Voodoo Economics

How did the Dems get so thin?

Did Ms. Clinton, with an assist from other key Dems, over the past decade prevent the rise of other younger possible candidates for 2016?  Did her inevitability become an accepted theme long ago?  If so, then the Dems might have a wee bit of a problem.

As Clinton falters today, what happens if it gets worse tomorrow?  Other than than Bernie, they got zip, except for re-treaded old farts.  Come on, Biden?  Gore?  John Kerry, really John Kerry? Don't forget Warren is really a one issue Dem and not a progressive at all.  If Clinton doesn't buck up and beat the Bern, then get ready for the party hacks to re-cycle the has beens.

Instead, the party should chuck the former Goldwater Girl and feel the Bern!

Big-Name Plan B’s for Democrats Concerned About Hillary Clinton

Does Clinton Have a Case of Spreading Sanderitis?

Bernie is ahead in New Hampshire.  Now he's taken the lead in Iowa.  It's gotta hurt her inevitableness.  And they like him more.  He's honest and not a liar.  Ouch.

Quinnipiac University Poll

Full of Shit Front: The Donald

To his fans (suck-ups), he just tells it like it is (he says what they think and really want to say in public, but won't or can't).  To the rest of us, he's just a blowhard, the sixth grade schoolyard bully type, who is just plain old full of shit...

Trump defends himself on his ‘look at her face!’ slam on Fiorina

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

It's Past Getting Old

The GOP and Iran deal, it's simple.  The content of the deal does not matter, it's all about what Obama is for or against.  If he is fer it, the GOP is agin it and vice versa.  It's past time to play these games.  We have to replace 535 members of Congress, period.

The Trogs have found a new bitch to pitch--Republican Revolt Stalls House Debate on Iran Nuclear Deal.

Out of 535 members of Congress how many of them do you think honestly give a shit about Israel?  How many care about the money and voters a concern for Israel may garner?

Headlines that make you want to read the piece...

Here's one, The scariest thing I found out about Donald Trump yesterday  Give it a read and ponder a Trump in the Oval Office...

It's Bullshit Season, You've Been Warned

Uh, beware of candidates or their operatives making what appear to be factual claims.  Like Trump has 25% of the black vote.  BS fear sure--

A poll shows Donald Trump doing well with black voters. About that…

Gee, She Said She's Sorry

Wow.  What a meh.  Clinton said she's sorry because her numbers are down.  I bet an advisor told her to get out there and pitch a pretend how sorry she is to someone (I'm not sure who is in her audience).  This non-apology apology will not make e-mail go away, the Trogs can keep it going for months and months.  Of course they will have lots of help from video of assorted versions of Hillary talking about her server.

Hillary Clinton on Private Email: ‘That Was a Mistake. I’m Sorry’

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Women's Ordination

I wonder when American Catholics will tell the Italian sector to shove it?  Women priests?  Why not?  They were priest in the early church (see "When Women Were Priests: Women's Leadership in the Early Church and the Scandal of Their Subordination in the Rise of Christianity" by Karen J. Torjesen).

Women Aren't Waiting for the Catholic Church on Female Clergy

Question for today

If you put some cannabis in your e-Cigg, are you then vaping or huffing?  Huffing a vape?  Gee, now we know why tobacco use is down, don't we.

Teens Using E-Cigarettes to 'Vape' Pot, Survey Finds

Face Time

Huckabee and Cruz are hot on the Kim Davis stump.  They must love Jesus, but when they really need is the free TV time.  After all they're running for Prez.  Given that it's all Trump/Bush or Clinton/Biden/Sanders on cable news, those tow and the other Trogs will do anything they can to have the cameras on them for free.  Opps, Kimmiepoo has been released so it won't be a jail house spectacle, just a normal Jesus loves me, but not you or that anti-Christ Obama, hullabaloo.

Kim Davis Freed From Jail in Kentucky Gay Marriage Dispute

With respect to all the anti-gay marriage in the name of religious freedom folderol, remember to be vigilant.  Never underestimate the power of large groups of stupid people.


Sanders, e-mail, and trust have slowed Clinton's juggernaut of inevitability.  Hey, is it 2008 all over again.  That's gotta hurt.  Given what she has said, how she's behaved and her low honesty/trust ratings, how can she rebuild her momentum.  Everything she says that differs from her recent statements will be seen as political BS--that's all hat and no cattle for you G.W. Bush fans.  Will it gain voters or add to her status as a perceived liar?  She's painted herself into a nasty corner pretty much all due to how she's handled the e-mail mess.

After a wilting summer, Clinton hopes for a fall rebound

Who's going to believe her on much of anything? Why is Sanders surging? Simple, consistency and honesty.

GOP BS: Carson

If he was this accurate as a neurosurgeon, then I'd have had to find another Doc.  Funny how one's standard's turn to shit when the lure of political office becomes real.  In other words, he may be an adequate Doc, but he's a typical pol--lying street walker.

Ben Carson’s claim that ‘we have 10 times more people on welfare’ since the 1960s

Monday, September 7, 2015

Here's One For Man Made Global Warming

If climate change is causing Atlantic hurricanes to get weaker, then I hope the critics are full of shit.  I assume we all need to burn more carbon fuels and rid ourselves of Atlantic hurricanes now.  Of course I am taking a short view that is totally driven by self-interest--30 years.

Like this is a surprise?

California police killings database reveals 'clear racial disparities'

Well, the only defense is, per the NRA, a good offense.   That means everybody needs a gun to protect themselves from the cops.  That's nonsense.  What's not is too many people are being killed by cops.  We accept gun violence of all kinds all too easily.

I would like to see the mortality figures adjusted to show the effects of income and education.  If we compare poor white areas with poor black areas and cast the the death in some kind of a rate then the question will be are they about the same or not?  If about the same, then perhaps police are just a tad trigger happy in poor, but well armed neighborhoods.  If they differ and it's worse for blacks, then the police do have a problem that many would call racist.  Gee, if it turns out that the white rate is the highest, is that racism or what?  Gross numbers tell us only part of the story.

Reform Conservatives?

That's a good one.  Instead of being really, really bad, they're just awful.  Oh, they have a candidate, he's The Donald, but the reformers don't like him--he's not one of them.  Are they afraid of The Donald?  If so, why?

Is Trump the Candidate Reform Conservatives Are Seeking?

Set Your DVR

Bernie Sanders booked to appear next week on Colbert’s ‘Late Show’

Have You Forgotten About Cecil's Killer?

Have you forgotten, forgiven or no longer give a shit?  Well, the killer gave an interview.  He thinks he's okay and his kill was totally legit.  Legit?  Sure.  Right, no way.  The big game killer is just that, a killer.  But for a bit of luck, the Dentist could probably be on death row for committing murder.  A killer is a killer is a killer.  I bet he has tattoos too.

Oh, before you read this piece, read this--

In addition to the Cecil furor, Palmer pleaded guilty in 2008 to making false statements to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service about a black bear he fatally shot in western Wisconsin outside of the authorized hunting zone. He was given one year probation and fined nearly $3,000 as part of a plea agreement.

The guy is a certified liar, so now you can read the piece:

US dentist who killed Cecil the lion set to return to work

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Well, is it still afloat?

Make your bets.  Start an office pool.   This puppy is bound to go down before year's end unless they've figured out how to make a patch that lasts.  History suggests otherwise.    

Is The Boat Still Afloat?

How low will it go and for how long?

If gas averages, say $1.70 or less a gallon in Nov. 2016, do you think the Dems will lose? Nah, at that price, they'll win by a landslide--

The Return of Cheap Gas

Democrats to Win in a Landslide in 2016, According to Moody's Election Model

A minor corrective to the the season

What season?  Oh, the College Football season.  Before one goes totally rah, rah, I suggest a read-

"Billion-Dollar Ball: A Journey Through the Big-Money Culture of College Football" by Gilbert M. Gaul.

If we must have college ball, then let's divorce it from the schools.  Lease the team name, stadium and other resources to pro teams.  Colleges becomes an actual farm system for the pros.  Schools will make money on the leases, take a percentage of the gate, and any bowl revenue.  The NCAA will disappear as players become employees of the the NFL.  Colleges will have no expenses related to running or maintaining a football team.  All revenue will go to the school's general fund.  Football will be totally professional.  If no one wants to lease their team, then the school is out of the football business.  You get the gist, there are a lot of details to be worked out.  End the BS about scholar athletes, now.

Tastes Change

These days, instead of bourbon,  I tend to drink Irish Whiskey.  My first glass is Red Breast, neat or on ice.  If I'm having a second, then it will be Knappogue Castle the same way.  Well, the third will be Tullamore Dew.  The taste buds are shot after the first one and gone by the second.

If I drink bourbon, it's Blanton's first, Woodford's Reserve second and then Maker's Mark.  I guess it's habit or taste, but for me bourbon is with ice and water.

Along the way of better booze being generally available (and a few more discretionary dollars) there are two other nice things that occurred.  First, there is the return of Orange Bitters.  It was hard to find for a long time.  Now there are several makes on the market.  That makes for a better Old Fashioned and better Manhattan.  There are all kinds of bitters out there now,  look up Fee Brothers on Amazon.

Oh, speaking of a Manhattan, now I've been able to make really good ones as Rye has returned.  There's actually quite choice out there now.

The remarkable resurgence of a liquor that Prohibition almost killed

I never was into novel drinks.  I've read about odd concoctions, tried a few, but always return to a handful of drinks I really enjoy.  The Manhattan is a favorite.  Then there's the Old Fashioned--orange bitters makes a better one too.   In the warmer months, I do love Cognac and Coke (try it before you reject the idea).  Similarly, I've found the Man-bour-tini to be a wonderful Summer drink (you'll need Mandarin Napoleon liqueur).  In cooler weather, a Sidecar is great.  And year round, a Margaret--it's two parts Baileys to one part dark spicy rum.  We call it a Margaret because she brought us a bottle of Rum mixed with Baileys.  We forgot it's name and couldn't find it in our liquor store so we made our now and called it Margaret.  There are a few others, but I guess with age you get settled into what you like (and what your taste buds still can taste).

Bottom's up!

Avatar Donald

An avatar is an embodiment or personification, as of a principle, an abstract concept, attitude, or view of life.  It is an archetype.  Okay, now what about Donald Trump?  Is he, for his seemingly increasing number of GOP supporters their avatar of conservative republicanism Americanism?   If he is, then traditional "rules" about running for the presidency will never apply to him.   His supporters just want  Donald the Avatar and really don't give a shit about his past positions, his current inconsistencies, his limited knowledge, or his deviations from bedrock GOP fiscal policy, foreign policy or social values.  Trump, may be the one whom his supporters think/believe can and will break up a dysfunctional politics/government and rebuild it into something that works for them and in the process make America great again.  If I'm right and his supporters do not waver,  then Trump will win the GOP nomination.  Then as his fans delivered him, they will cast their eyes on Congress.  We'd best also watch for congressional change in  2016.