Saturday, September 19, 2015

Post Debate Polls

The Donald still leads the pack per one poll.  Will he make it all the way?  Wait for more polls, but consider this--This post-debate poll will horrify the GOP establishment

Is This How It All Ends?

More Evidence for Coming Black Hole Collision

Data and Fast Food

Who eats fast food?  The poor right?  Nah, the more money you have the more you can buy.  So, it's not just the poor.   The more affluent eat more junk than everyone else.  So what can I say?  Well, the poor do eat junk food, only it's those with poor taste not limited incomes.

A dangerous myth about who eats fast food is completely false

Strumpets Love Blowhardary!

The Donald continues to be The Ass.  Amazing.  I am still trying to determine the characteristics of his supporters.  Who will vote for Trump and why?  What do they believer about themselves, the USA, the world and life.

Trump remains illogical, non-factual, non-rational, amoral, and anti-intellectualist.  Is he our Mussolini?  What happens if Trump becomes the nominee for the GOP?  If he does will all GOP candidates become mini-Donalds.  That's a bit scary.

  Trump says he's not 'morally obligated' to defend Obama against claims

Friday, September 18, 2015

I wonder about the religious freedom whackjobs and this

I bet Jesus jockeys in the Army will play their religion doesn't permit me to obey the orders of a gay Secretary of the Army.  If he was also non-white, the religious freedom crowd would be in hog heaven.

Obama to nominate first openly gay service secretary to lead the Army

Thoughts on the guy and Trump per Muslims and Obama

Frankly I less fearful of Muslins in America than I am Christians.  They do not differ from the Muslims all that much.  I fear Christians a tad more simply because there numbers are far greater.   Both use their books and prefer prelates to dictate how and in what way each person will behave.  Actually you can include Jews too.  These religions are violent and fundamentally intolerant.  Each wants its own turf--religious freedom only goes so far.  The jews have Israel.  The Muslims have the rest of Middle East, with a Caliphate pending.  Christians, for all practical purposes, well they have Europe and the USA.  I wonder when Donald Strumpet will pander to open hate and initiate the killing as a way to make America great again?  

Whither the Trogs?

Will the Repubs actually nominate Trump, Carson or Fiorina?  Past experience says no.  Early leaders reflect more a fanciful would it be nice type of politics than the grit of Washington reality.  In the past several cycles, when votes matter, the voters pick someone who is politically real.  For example, why Romney instead of Herman Cain?  Okay?

However, I have to wonder if this will be the year of the Herman Cain type of nominee?   Possibly.  The Repub voters appear to be grumbling a bit more than usual.

Polls show Republicans in a restive mood

As we head toward Iowa and New Hampshire, watch to see if there's more stories about Jeb! and the other establishment candidates like this one.

Is Jeb! Bush's campaign losing steam?

If so, then hello Herman Trump, Ben Cain, or just Carly Hermancain!

Old Farts Take Note

Is your blood pressure up?  Well, try exercise--

Ask Well: The Best Exercise to Reduce Blood Pressure


Ooops, beware of Trogs who try to govern.  What are they planning to do?  Well,

Congress inching ever closer toward government shutdown

What can you do?

First, write your Congressman and Senators.  Let them know that they if support shutdown you will not support them in the next election.


Send some money to Bernie Sanders.  Screw the DNC, Clinton, O'malley, Chafee and Webb.


Send some money to Planned Parenthood.


Repeat the second and third actions again.

The Convenient Donald

Trump never takes responsibility for his own actions or statements.  If he says "face" and it gets him some negative press, then of course he used the word face but was talking about "persona."  I guess he won't get any egg on his persona over not correcting one of his fans as the fan called Obama a Muslin.  Nah, why he didn't hear the guy.  Maybe we should quit calling him The Donald and call him The Convenient instead.  What a putz.

Trump doesn't challenge anti-Muslim questioner at event

Of course I think he really did hear the guy and saw no reason to correct him since he agrees with the guy.  Look, The Convenient was/is a birther.  I doubt if he thinks Obama is a Christian much less a citizen.  The fan and Trump are one as are the rest of the Trumpettes.  Gee if we put a "S" in front of that last word in the previous sentence, they'd all be Strumpettes.

A Trump questioner called Obama a Muslim. Many (maybe even most) Trump backers agree.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Update: Clinton, via her proxies, sucks.

I hope Clinton's team keeps pissing off Bernie's folks by acting like Repubs.  The lies were supposed to be to be off the record which is even worse, that's sleazy and even more than dishonest.  When I say Hillary Clinton, what's the first word that comes to mind?  Maybe Bernie will get another $5 from me and the same from many more people.

Sanders sees burst of fundraising after opposition research against him surfaces

NO Interest Rate Hike

Fed Leaves Interest Rates Unchanged

Dick Pics Update: Wiener Division

Why Anthony Weiner lost another job

Even the GOP's Docs Have a Problem With Science

I think this was the low point in last night's "debate."  If you cannot simply say Trumps is wrong, there is no link between vaccines and autism, then it's no wonder Repubs accept that the earth is only 10,00 years old,  that people coexisted with dinosaurs, and climate change is a gift from god.  The GOP has a serious knowledge problem.  Dr. Carson should be ashamed of himself.  Perhaps we should quit using his honorific.

The GOP’s dangerous ‘debate’ on vaccines and autism

Not Up for Debate: The Science Behind Vaccination

Can one OD on Trog debates?

Damn, from six to eleven, it was a Trogathon or was it a Trogpocalypse.  Did you take in the kiddie's table?  This time there were only four slots.  Pataki, Santorum, Jindal and Graham came in and  stood there.  Gilmore was told to stay home--no one knows who he is.

In another era Pataki, would be a strong candidate.  In our time, he's not quite the drooling acid, belching hate, vilifying everyone who is not just like himself knuckle dragging model Republican.  His answers were reasonable, for a Trog.  That means they are unacceptable to today's GOP primary voter.  Pataki should do the decent thing, drop out and encourage Gilmore to do the same.

Santorum is still that frothy (that particular mix per Dan Savage).  He used to be a winner, but now, well, he's just a one issue has been.  He can rail on and on about abortion, but that's about the only  issue he can best the others on.  His days are passed, he should leave the field.

Then there's Bobby Jindal.  I heard he's been hiding in a secret location somewhere in the Gobi desert.  I don't know how he showed up.  As he spoke he proved to us that he is certifiably, 100%, batshit crazy--that makes him qualified for any Republican office.  For weeks and weeks, no one has noticed the putz.  His extreme statements did garner him some notice.  However, he thinks he was saying--"look at me, look at me"--but what we all heard was "I'm an idiot, I'm an idiot."  Jindal needs to go live in a Louisiana swamp for the rest of his life.

Then came Blanche.  Lindsey Graham wants us to know he'd be his own Ulysses S. Grant.  Yep, he'd drink a lot as he commanderates his chiiefiness on the way to eradicating ISIL.  ISIS is his issue.  He wants to be the top general.  The presidency involves a lot more that running war games, To bad Sen. Graham, does not have the skill for the other Oval Office tasks much less waging war.  35 trips to Iraq does not make one a commanderator.  Blanche gives me the vapors.  I won't take him to the next cotillion.

After the kid's went home to bed, the "adults" showed up at the yakfest.  Eleven loons entered and eleven loons left.  Was there a winner?  Most folks seem to think Carly Florin won the yakoff.  She landed a knife or tow in the Trumps rump.  She was prepared with facts and policies.

I don't think Trump did himself any harm.  His fans don't give a shit about facts, data, truth, logic, science or other such epistemological niceities.  They like him, the blowhard breaks even.  Ditto with Ben Carson.  Fiorina will take points from the rest of the field, but not Trump and Carson if it really is an anti-establisment year.  Watch the next set of polls to find out.

The anti-Christ, Ted Cruz, per other pundits did an okay job.  I think he's just flat evil so anything he says is wrong, sinful, immoral and not worth a bucket of spit.

Rubio held his own.  He came in in second place.  He must have memorized "Foreign Policy for Dummies."  He does need to stay away from humor--no more water jokes please, you cannot pull them off.

Jeb! didn't tank.  It was close.  Jeb! was adrift for 2/3s of the yakfest, but showed he was still among the living in the last hour.  It's kind of sad that it took a dis on his brother Dubya to save his otherwise sorry ass.

Then there were Rand Paul and the Huckster.  Both need to do the decent thing and quit, now.  There's no place in the GOP for a Libertarian of any kind.  Huckabee is really just expanding his brand--a FOX gig and super Jesus excursions to the holy land are in store.  Both need to be nice and leave the race.

The rest, Kasich, Walker, Christie may have come alive for a moment, but to the GOP voter and donor, who really gives a shit about them?  They have enough cash to hang around and find out if it's not an establishment candidate year.  If they bagged their buses now, who would notice?

Let's see, no one from the kiddie table should advance.  Per the Donald, they are losers.  From the main "debate" it would not hurt the GOP to have Paul and Huckabee say adios.  Since Cruz is vile, I'd like to see him exit the stage, but he's got a following (make you wonder about people who are Repubs, doesn't it).   If Walker and Christie left they would not be missed.

The field that ought to go on to the third group yakoff are Trump, Florina, Carson, Jeb!, Rubio, Cruz,  and Kasich.  I wonder what Trogs think of my suggestions.  Oh, they think I blow chunks, right?

Yes you can OD on debates.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Ya Gotta Love the WSJ

The WSJ puts out an alarming bit of news on Bernie Sanders--he's going to spend trillions of new money.  Oh, my god, $18 trillion added to what we already spend?  Whew, we better not elect him, right?  Well, since this comes from the spokes rag for the rich and richer, I have my doubts.

Of course if you are worried about your piece of the 1% getting smaller, then trash Bernie as did the WaPo editorial board--

Bernie Sanders isn’t as progressive as you think

Now, it it true or just rich folks bullshit?  Uh, I'd opt for bullshit.

No, Bernie Sanders is not going to bankrupt America to the tune of $18 trillion

Gee, the editors of the Post don't even read their own paper.  I guess they get their news from the WSJ
who conveniently keeps this piece unavailable unless you are a subscriber.  The rich may be getting a little scared.

Consistency is good

Yeah it's good if what one is consistent at if also of merit.  However, if what one in consistent at is deeply flawed, a waste of money, and deadly to boot, then consistency sucks, blows chunks and whatever comes after those two.

Who is being consistent at what?  Why it's the generals in the Dept. of War Defense.  They are, as so often in the past, moving to accept a weapon that is combat ready, but is actually not ready for anything.  Oh, this weapon is part of the debacle known as the F-35.

Pentagon weapons tester calls F-35 evaluation into question

Would you want your child to fly into combat in one of the test F-35s?

Trogs Talk Tonight

It's the next GOP "debate."  It's on CNN.  The kiddie table will be on at 6.  The full blown knuckle draggers will be on at 8.  Let's face it, unless you're a dedicated political junkie, even if you're a Trog junkie, who gives a shit about Santorum, Pataki, Graham,  or Jindal?  To  borrow a line from Trump, they are losers.  Actually they are more pathetic than lost.  Hell, Gilmore didn't even get an invite to the kiddie table.

The only reason to tune in to the main event, is the possibility that it may become an event--as in the motif suggested by calling it the main event--boxing.  Verbal jabs.  Vocal box and weave.  Audible slices.  Oral assault.  Even and articulated clinch or three.  Yeah, that's the attraction, vicarious violence.  And it's all courtesy of the guy with orange hair, The Donald.   I wonder who will go down for the count?  Oh, mu. it just occurred to me, I think we have all met The Donald in a priot election cycle.  Yep, The Donald is a Joe the Plumber billionaire.

Bless My WMDs

Are we at it again?  What? Oh, falsifying the intel so we can feel good about ourselves as we "win" the war on ISIS.  If winning is in the same category as WMDs were in Iraq, then don't expect any kind of victory at all, ever.  Our efforts to eradicate ISIS appear to have gone the way Cheney expected we were to be greeted in Iraq.  There were no flowers.  There were no chocolates.  They were fantasies.  Is Centcom playing fantasy war-games?  If so, then think about our war in Iraq and then think about ISIS.  How long will we continue to screw the Middle East pooch as the generals punch their own tickets? Any one for a slam dunk?

Analysts Detail Claims That Reports on ISIS Were Distorted

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Clinton, via her proxies, sucks.

I think from today on, that every time I hear about an instance of this kind of shit, I will give Bernie a few more dollars.  I hope everyone who feels the Bern does likewise.  My $5 is in reaction to Clinton's attack on Sanders.  If she can't control her SuperPac then that's her problem and confirms Sanders position on billionaire funding of races.

A Pro-Clinton Super PAC Is Going Negative On Bernie Sanders

Of course if Bernie's team pulls a stunt like this, then he will not get another donation, ever.

CNN Continues to Suck

Aw, c'mon, the "debate" is going to try to make all of them into clones of the worst of Trump?  It will only be good for CNN ratings and CNN ad dollars.  Getting all of the candidates to insult each other and lob personal attacks, is not what we need.  If the show goes for that nasty vindictive personal interaction, then I hope at least one or two of the debaters will have the decency to walk off the stage and tell CNN that it sucks and inform Jake Tapper that he blows chunks.

CNN Hopes to Capture Candidates’ Combative Spirit in G.O.P. Debate

If All Clinton Has Is Super-Delegate Endorsements

Clinton may have the ever fickle super-delegate endorsements, but if that is all she really has, then it's time to have an '08 repeat.  Do you think she would have defeated McCain (sans Palin)?  If voters really don't like her and she gets the nod due to the supers then you can expect the GOP candidate to win the prize.  Why? Oh, voters don't like that being cheated feeling, and then won't turn out or will turn out but not vote for her.

Please note all of Clinton's problems are self inflicted and probably cannot be solved.  The damage has been done.

Signs of Hillary Clinton’s Troubles, in Charts

Putin Does What We Should Have Done

As ISIS rose the U.S. had only one real option, that is, to grit our teeth and accept that the enemy of our enemy is our friend.  In this case it's two enemies of ISIS we should have allied with to rid the world of ISIS.

We should have accepted Assad as the head of Syria, forgiven him all those deaths to his citizens,  and allied with him to destroy ISIS from the west as the other new ally, Iran, attacked from the east.  Yep, to rid the world of ISIS, we have go Shia all the way.  Of course that would split Iraq into two or three states after ISIS was eradicated.

Oops, the Iraqi Sunnis and Saudis would not have liked that much.  It's a rat's nest over there.

What will the impact of Russia's aid actually be?

Putin defends deliveries of Russian weapons to Syrian army

The Trog Bosses Have a Problem

The problem is not Trump, Carson, or Fiorina, it's their voters.  The voters may have finally wised up a bit.  Perhaps they realize that their pols, like Bush, Walker, Christie, merely pander to the right wing extremists who vote in primaries.  Once elected they serve their true masters, their donors.  Then they  only do what the donors tell them to do as they fund raise and run for reelection.

In the GOP establishment, there's no room for compromise with the Dems much less governing. If the average Trog is not a Jumbo one note--abortion or guns or gays, or Iran or Obama--then mayhaps the Trump/Carson/Fiorina voters have woken up and realized they've been had.  They may see that their elected officials have to work with Dems to govern the nation for all the people not just a bunch of white guys like themselves.  I have doubts about Trogs and their thinking processes, but at least it's a nice fantasy.

The Republican establishment is in DEEP trouble

Oh, please note the same can be said for Dems.  They have not been well served by their establishment.   Clinton wanes as Sanders gains for the same reasons Trump et al lead in the GOP.  Eventually voters may realize they've been gamed.  It this the election that will see can changing of the political guard?  Maybe maybe.

Discounting Clinton's gender, whose politics do you prefer, her's or Sander's?

Monday, September 14, 2015

Not Good For Tourism

When I read this kind of piece, I do wonder what our aces in the field have done with drones and special ops around the world.  I know it's not a good idea to be in a wedding party caravan over in the Middle East when drones are out and about.  I think we still use the partial duck test, if it looks kind of like a duck or sounds a bit like a duck, or walks a tad like a duck, then that duck and all around it are terrorist ducks so kill every last duck.

Egypt Security Forces Accidentally Kill Mexican Tourists

If this was a U.S. drone strike, how do you think the headline would read?  Would the Times use the word "kill"?  How about "U.S. Drone Targeted Tourists in Egypt."  What's your headline?


There are a lot of polls out there.  The biggest message that cuts across them all is, "if you are perceived as an honest person who speaks the truth, then I'll back you." Who are the truth tellers?

Well, in the Trog lair, it's Trump, Carson, and Fiorina.   The rest of the knuckle dragger are seen as political hacks fully owned and operated by big donors and the GOP machine.

On Dems side, there's only one honest person, Bernie Sanders.  The rest are the same kind of hacks that we find in the GOP.  Clinton's support is falling away as she becomes the Democrats Jeb Bush.    Why?  Well, when you make an announcement that the candidate, after focus group study, will kick off a program of being authentic, you have a problem.  Webb, O'Malley, and Chafee are the Gilmore, Pataki and Graham of the Dems.

If people are responding to truth, then pols and parties are in trouble.  Their life blood is developing the skill of lying,especially about being political streetwalkers.  Did anyone ever figure out what the meaning of is, is?

Trump Shit

Here's more on the Donald.  He's a real piece of work.  Why does anyone support this 69 year old petulant first-grader?

Donald Trump billed his ‘University’ as a road to riches, but critics call it a fraud

Here's a bio of Trump: Donald Trump: vain, greedy and all-American

Do You Feel The Bern?

If not, then find a video of his appearance at Liberty U.  Yeah, Falwell's place.  I caught part of it.  Bernie was being applauded not booed.  And the topic was abortion.  My, my, my.  Funny when you speak truthfully, people are reasonable, they listen, disagree, but then thank you for informing them.  The students may not vote for Bernie, but they may start to ponder how their parents have economically screwed so many, many people in this land.

I cannot see any other Dem (well, he's a democratic socialist) first, showing up at Liberty U, and second being as well received.  Can you see Ms. Clinton being well received in Falwell's school?  I can't,

Here's a sample from his appearance: Sanders: U.S. was created on many 'racist principles' On race, Bernie is spot on. Want to learn more? here's one start, "Slavery and the Founders" by Paul Finkleman.

Feel the Bern?  If so then send him  a few bucks!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Everyday Something New: Clinton and E-Mail

Now we'll have a battle over restoring the contents of her server since it appears to have not been wiped.  E-mail is not really an issue for Dems, but if it gets bigger, then due to Trogs and Independents, it will affect her, if she becomes the nominee.

I wonder what Rep. Gowdy will request now?

Tech company: No indication that Clinton’s e-mail server was ‘wiped’

A New Day In American Politics?

As I watch Sanders and Trump take the limelight in their respective parties, I've wondered about who backs them?  Not donors since neither has been bought and sold in the way all the others have been.  No, who is that says "I feel the Bern" or "Yeah, Make America Great Again?"  Who are they?

Are they mostly the voters we'd expect to otherwise be jumping for Jeb or have the hots for Hillary?  No, Jeb and Hillary still have their folks.  I have a feeling the backers of Trump and Sanders share a similar attribute, they are not regular voters.  They are occasional voters and new voters in both parties and independents.   They are people who have heard a pol do something rare, speak more the truth than not.  It sounded good.  They like it.  They back it, regardless that Trump is a first grade blowhard bully and Sanders is a, shudder, socialist.  These voters may be on a course to determine who gets nominated and who is elected in 2016.

If we're seeing a new segment of voters begin to surface and coalesce, the the question is will they all vote in primaries?  If they do, then each party's establishment better get their hustle on to keep their status quo.

They will have to co-opt Trump's voters and ditto for Sanders.  The establishment will, to regain control, have to "help" them in the same way the Tea Party folks were taken over by super right wingers in the GOP.  Where is the Teabag brigade these days anyway?  The question is can these people be co-opted?  Hmm, if all you want is government that works, then will you give up control to folks who really don't give a rat's about good governance.   I think the Trump/Sanders folks look at the rest of the candidates and ask, "Does anyone really think Jeb or Hillary care about governing?"
Who are the new voters?  Are they real?  We'll have to watch the polls ever more closely as we inch our way towards Iowa.  I expect the party machines to have wrenches thrown in their gear works.