Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Quick who started the Afghan War?

Have you forgotten Little Dubya and his Uncle Darth already?  What they started, no one has finished.  The enemy they created, the Taliban,  replaced al Queda and kept fear alive the kept the war money flowing.  Both still flow.  The Taliban appears to be re-taking some of the turf they lost.  Heck of a war ain't it.

U.S. military launches airstrike on Kunduz after Taliban assault on the key city

Bullshit U., Trump Campus

When it comes to BS, no one beats The Donald.  He has a PhD. in Advanced Blowhardary.  He has a tax plan.  Big deal.  Everybody has a tax plan.  Trump says one thing but the effect, if passed by Congress (did anyone forget Congress makes the laws, not the Bozo in the White House) would have a very different effect for the rich and himself.

Trump’s tax plan and his claim that ‘it’s going to cost me a fortune’

Don't forget Bullshit U. has also opened a Fiorina Campus and a Ben Carson school.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Annals of the Apocalypse: Mormon Blood Moon End of Days

The Saints are buying their end of days storage goods at their local supply store.  Why?  Oh, the end of the world is coming tonight.  yep.  Our run is over.  God is super pissed.  It's going to get real rough.  Oops, belay that.  The officials down at Temple Square say "t'aint so."  I wonder if the Prophet, Seer, Revaltor, and Translator had a chat with the god?  At any rate be at ease, it's just another normal physical event.

Mormon church issues call for calm as 'blood moon' sparks apocalypse fears

Life Really Sucks for Some: Islamic Chapter

I have to assume that about all aspects of one's life are in a chaotic shambles if one decides to haul butt over to Syria and join the ISIL Caliphateria.   It seems to be an odd type of reluctant suicide.  

Thousands Enter Syria to Join ISIS Despite Global Efforts

Annals of Man Made Global Climate Change: The Cold Spot

It's getting hotter.  The ice caps and Greenland are melting.  Of course you can believe that god will step in at the last minute and save our assess.  If you do, then go read your bible, contemplate your personal wickedness and stay out of any aspect of public life.

Oh, yeah, in all the heat what's this about a cold spot?  Well, it may become a real local climate changer for Europe and Scandinavia.  Not sure about hurricanes, but it can't be good.   Where is the cold spot?

A surprisingly cold ‘blob’ in the North Atlantic Ocean